Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

"Indian gold" - Earrings

From the quite simple earrings yesterday to more elaborated today! I got some beads for christmas from a good friend. You see the beads with the inlays? I got some more in other shapes and sizes too! 

(you may think this is not surprising but no, beads are a rare present for me. I don't know why people -especially family members- have problems thinking of a gift for me, honestly, I don't! Is there any person easier to please? Beads, fabric, paper, scissors, hammer, old jewelery to take apart, sea shells, bone, other weird found stuff... but that is not fair... since I get beads from good friends as well as weird findings from family as well as friends... just it is not a common christmas present!)

I combined them with some of my polymer clay beads- They are white with speckled dots of metal in them, you can find bronze, golden and copper colour. This made the mixture of material more coherent in the whole design for me. 

I hope you bear with me: I want to complain about taking pictures again. Either the white of my polymer clay beads was too bright or the rest of the earrings was to dark. Due to this I also flood this blog entry with a lot of images of just the same earrings ;)

The two bigger parts are stiffly connected to each other. I thought I should mention this because most of my earring design enable every single earring part to move. But here I preferred the stiffer version. Still, earrings need movement so the chain and drops will give you that!

Also the last pair of Nikys copper findings (you can find her blog here). I just have a single one left. The make such beautiful ear wires!

Oh, and of course a lot of these tiny bronze drops. I am still not sure how I ever could be content without having them! 


  1. The beads with the inlay are gorgeous. I have never see beads like that before. The earring are wonderful.

  2. These are Tibetan beads (or Nepal Beads) as they are reminiscent of turquoise and coral pieces being used and not made in India. However these days they tend to come from China, just like everything else

  3. hello claire! i recently received in the mail the earrings that you won in my giveaway- it said they hadn't been claimed. can you convo me at so we can get these babies to you?
    by the way, i love your polymers up there- gorgeous!

  4. Your PC beads are the perfect adds to this delightful creation that seems old as well as new, Claire :)

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