Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

"Summer heat" - More tin earrings!

Yes, I still make more. At the moment I think I will keep going creating some from time to time. The movement, the bold colours, the re-cycled/up-cycled bottle cap (always some from stuff I really drunk, not just bought for crafts ^^), just the fun... it all draws me in. 

This is now the third version how I connected the bottle cap to the ear wire. I like all versions. I can't decide whether there is a favorite one. 

Strangely I found out that this bottle cap earrings only work for me if they are actually not identically. They have to fit but being identically they somehow lose their appeal for me. So the last versions were bitter lemonade (from spain and italy) and now two lemonade caps from the same brand but different versions (Thomas Henry, made in Berlin).


  1. These are so super fun. I like them not matching as well! xo Julie

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