Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

"Just a thought" - Earrings

It is extremly difficult to catch the subtle colours of these bead combinations. I tried hard with different light settings (all daylight but the ancle and amount and weather conditions... ^^). I also tried to play with editing features... but no, there are just hints of colour. Beautiful but difficult to catch. 

I love their movement and how they catch the light. They are subtle even though they are really long. Oh yes, I am so into really long earrings today. I wear this style "long and dangling" all the time!

Last weekend I participated at my first market this year: "Happy Pop-Up Market". It was absolutely great, with cool music, a stunning location and even better food :) 

Next weekend you will find me at the "SonderpOsten". It will be just across the street in the park in front of our aparment! 

I also really need this just to relax and get other ideas and thoughts... because at work it is really hard. Not the research itself, that is something that still fascinates and motivates me. But just one moment everything seemed okay and the next everyone is struggling, caught between the powerplays of the ones at the top. *sighs* ...and even while I know this logically, in  my heart I can't get over the fact that they just don't care. Not at all... not what broken pieces they will leave behind.

Creating calms me down and these earrings, they are called just a thought... just a thought but it made me smile :)


  1. Ok I will try, even though I know your comments section hates me… but I love them all and yes, dangly earrings are SO fun to wear!!!! All gorgeous and they way the light catches many of the beads in these is so beautiful! xo -- Julie

    1. Worked perfectly! Just I have to answer you here insteadt of sending an email ;)

      Thank you! Oh yes, dangling is one of the most important features of earrings!



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