Freitag, 10. April 2015

"Moments of colour" - Earrings

Huh... I didn't write really a lot in the last time. But I already prepared a lot of images (and yes, I am creating even more all the time ^^) and now, finally, I am coming back to show them to you!

Here some images how I create my dangling earrings:

All you need is thick wire. Mostly I work with copper but also with silver filled wire. Maybe as soon as the silver price is dropped even a little bit further also with pure silver ;)

I cut small pieces and anneal them with my Dremel torch. This is really necessary to prepare it for all the hammering. I also pickle them using vinegar and salt to get rid of the fire scale.

...this is after hammering! I use a normal small household hammer and a miniature amboss. Just look at the gorgeous texture! For oxidation I use liver of sulphur and to clean the upper part I use either steel wool (the one you get to clean litchen tools) or nail files ;)

To add a touch of colour and movement, I will add czech glass bead drops. I already have quite a collection of them in a lot of different sizes.... and I want more! Every time I see some bead drops, I just have to have them!

They look good with ready-made ear hooks as well as handmade one. Depends on the style you want and where the eye shuld be drawn to,

The beads are just wrapped with wire (0,6mm) that I also anneald, pickled and oxidised before using... oh, I nearly forgot: I also add a protective layer of Renaissance Wax and buff it slightly!

Some are longer, some are shorter... I made really a lot of them until now and I still love their look (that is surprisingly clean for me ^^). 

I am also not the only one loving them... nearly all I made are already gone! I would create more but it is difficult to hammer in an apartment late in the evening. ;)



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