Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

"Urban jungle" - Earrings

You ever made somethig you instantly fell in love with... just to realize to can't keep it because it doesn't look good on you? I so wanted to keep these earrings. I just wanted! I love their organic look, their movemet, how long they are but still they don't look heavy but light due to the movement, all the red sparkles and organic texture... I could go on and on. 

They speak to me, they are really me... and still, with my hair lenght at the moment, my red hair colour... it didn't go together. I took me some time to say good-bye to them and to take them with me to a market. I even prized them completly true (still struggling with that) and up until now they were the most expensive earrings I had.

They sold. At the first market.

But at least I know they are loved and this is why I couldn't keep them. They should not be hidden and forgotten, covered in dust in the last corner (I know I exaggerate ^^), they should be worn and loved!

The big red ceramic connectors were from a giveaway I won from Niky (go over to her blog silverniknats, she creates gorgeous pieces, especially with old coins!) and are made by Petra from scorched earth. The were my first beads from her but I think I need more now...! ;) The tiny lampwrok beads under the organic looking big czech glass beads are made by Michelle Marie Bryant.


  1. I love components made by Scorched Earth and Niky. I am glad you found a loving home for those wonderful earrings.

  2. Ohhhhh…….. I just love these SO much. For a wanderer, a free spirit, someone with a story to tell. Of course they sold immediately :) Beautiful, beautiful. xoxo Julie



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