Montag, 13. April 2015

"Across the ocean" - Polymer clay turtle

It is odd that I am now using fb so much. I never liked it in the past and I am still not feeling comfortable with fbs (not really existing - yes, in this regard I am really european/german) privacy policies. But my family finally got me into it because it is the easiest way to let everyone participate even across oceans... and then I found all the special interest groups for beads, jewelery, art and polymer clay. 

They got me. *sighs*

One of the german polymer clay groups was hosting challenges from time to time. Last year autumn there was a challenge for either a snow man (no, thanks) or a turtle (ok, it is meant to be a challenge after all).

My idea was to create the typical shape of a turtle (in the ocean, not on land) and then use my new surface treatment to create the feeling of something old and overgrown. 

Organic, crusty, grown, ocean... 

In case you are wondering about the wire: This IS actually a bead. Maybe you could call it a pendant but honestly that is also just another kind of bead or not?

If you want to smile: Rumpel is still teasing me with my simplified definition of what a bead is... " has a hole in it" ^^


  1. :) die schaut klasse aus! bead or not bead, that is the question! who cares ;) hauptsache superschön :)

  2. your turtle is so lovely...he or she is very sweet and beautifully made....



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