Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

Testing pens and co on fabric...

 ...and how good the treatments survived the washing maschine ^^
(all pictures are after the washing step!)
At first I tried to emboss my fabric. Works quite well, you can just blow off the exessive embossing powder and it will only stay where you have stamped with the clear embossing stamp pad. It does not give the 3D effect as embossing would give you on paper but the effect is still quite interesting. The melting powder goes into the fabric fibers and the colours stay a little bit glossy. The fabric itself is getting harder but not too much if you only work with small details.

And it survived the washing step (40 °C and the drying step!) perfectly!

I just combined some stuff, like embossing powder (this one has a semi-matte finish, so not at all glossy on the fabric), gloss lacquer crayon pen, in black and white. Although such a bigger flower like this will get you a really stiff fabric after embossing it all stays great on the fabric! I can imagine to use this effects for bags or something like that. For some kind of projects the stiffness will even be a benefit.

In the back there was just some leftover stampings (yes, this are only testing scraps, I used some over and over again ^^). It was not fixed by ironing so it pretty well washed out of the fabric. Only at the parts where it was covered with the white lacquer pen (around the flower) it was kind of fixed... have to keep that in mind! ^^

I just used every pen which was on my desk. Simply as that...! (as well as some embossing...)
Lacquer pens, ball pens (different kinds of), highlighter... etc...

Just the colours... mh... no point on the good side for this ^^

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