Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Soap test pieces...

I cut some small soap bars (really small ^^) so I could make some sets out of them and give them away to friends of mine. So they are obliged to test them now ^^

I really love soaps done with the cold process reaction. I just could start testing my first soap batches and I can only say (although it is not very original or creative ^^) : I love them all! I hope the first round (study: phase 1 - with a small number of selected people) will have good results. And I am curious which one they will favor.

I gave away sets of "Just cream", "coffee and cream" and "pump-skin".... I just realize that I never uploaded pump-skin! Arghs! Okay, to-do for tomorrow - photos!

I made tiny stamped banderoles for the soaps and packed them in this very transparent sandwich paper (great for crafting things and makes a great gift wrap paper!), afterwards I added a little card with my tentacle at the front. Inside were the dates of creation...

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