Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

New sketches - ornaments, octopus, some kind of flower...

My sketch book is beloved by myself and looks like that, a little bit rough and used ;)

I wanted new motifs I could use for papers or textiles... or to cut them in linoleum for printing! Going a little bit organic, ornamental, etc.

The first impressions out of my sketch book:

And the first ones traced with sandwich paper. I already write down how I like sandwich paper? Usable to almost everything and cheap! Great transparency, soft but still very durable, nearly perfect for all kinds of crafting with paper!

I already started to vectorize the digital images (the one below) with inkskape (great programm and freeware, hard to top!). The vectorized image I will colour in different themes and print on fabric. Maybe not, maybe only print them at the copy shop in larger version ^^ I'll see.

Biggest problem is the work in the details of the lines. They are all rough and uneven still. Bah.

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