Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

Picture frames - painted

I had some blank picture frames lying around and my patchwork like picture frame wall (also with paintings and mirrors) is (and will be for a long time) in its growing phase. Therefore they had to be painted. In the one with the dots there is already a foto (Lachafa will hate me for this but I have to agree with our parents, the foto is cool! ^^) but the blue on is still missing its center piece.

The blue one was done with artist's water colours and white embossing powder (and my new stamps for sure ^^).

Some look at the details so you can see the beautiful wood structure! It shines through the colours and only the white embossed pieces are standing out.

 A lot of acrylic paint combined with lacquer pens :)
I kind of like it!

Yes, there are stripes at the side!

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