Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Bath bombs third round!

I think I have now the perfect recipe! (Okay, to be honest, i have still some ideas to test... and I will ^^) I am using no extra oil anymore (like coco) but only the one being in the milk powder (and this has over 20%!) and in the scent (I am using mostly weleda oils because of the mixture of scent and nourishing stuff :)). Instead I added corn starch to the milkpowder and salt (and the two basics citric acid and sodium bicarbonate)... the are getting really hard now after drying! On the downside: You have to care more about the balance of moisture in the mix... just a little bit too much and you will get cracks in the bomb...

I can only show you two examples of the third round of bath bombs... the other are already out of the house being a present :)

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