Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

New bombs....! Splash!

This time two little things were changed. At first we (a friend wanted to build some bombs too) used a different sort of citric acid. For the first try I had some grained (chinese cooking stuff) as well as powdered citric acid (baking, making preserves, etc), now we just found the powdered variation (really, we went into FOUR supermarkets... one of them even a chinese one! grrrr....).

The second change was not a change in the ingredients but the process... we stirred the milk powder in the melted coconut oil before mixing everything together. The milk powder is not only for a luxury feeling... ( a milk bath! ^^) but also to emulsify the oil in the bath. The oil itself makes the skin very smooth and soft after bathing, a strange but great feeling (I am not used to oil or milk baths... to say so... not now ;) ).

We don't know if the changes were for the better or not... bombs are still drying... but I hope! Most of them already dedicated as "Mitbringsel" (bring-along-gift....).

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