Samstag, 8. November 2014

More... and more... and some of them could be yours! (giveaway as well as call-for-help ;))

I had the idea in my of some bigger pendants... these are the results! As you can see they are quite big! At least the two magenta ones are. 

They are all still in the experimental phase: What kind of effects can I get? How do the materials interact with each other? What different kinds of look can I achieve? Tiny crackles or gigantic ones or both together?

Of course I want all. Always. ^^ Polymer clay is a stunning material with so many possibilities!

Here is a realistic (also known as chaotic) view on all of my "test samples". My preciousssssss.......

Back to my yellow challenge. If you are already following my blog for some time you may know how difficult it is for me to incorporate this colour in my work. I already gave myself a yellow challenge in the past. While I really love some of the resulting work I didn't overcome my difficult relationship with yellow. Don't get me wrong, I like yellow! I adore other designs using it in their beads, paintings, jewelery, clothes.

Therefor I went for muted yellow beads (they started as really bright yellow polymer clay). Actually... they seem to speak to me. I am actually really surprised!

Drops! Everybody needs drops! I even bought a lot of ceramic drops a few days ago :)

The long shape I think appeals so much to me because it may resemble so many natural structures, from buds to mushrooms...

Here again you can see how I was playing with the effects: Crackles nearly as big as the bead itself, some are rather wonky and other crusty... 

Bright and pink and red.... the light pink is a little bit too bright for me but the dark magenta is lovely. Also red and white are stunning.

Long and rather flat... next to the rather ling bud-like structures...

Curly? Not completely sure about them...

What else? Long drops, ankler-like bead... and...

...I also had to make a bird skull. The colours and crackle go strangely enough in a weird way perfect with the skull idea.

My always reliable size comparions - my hand.

Still I am not selling them even if I plan to do so in the future. I am just testing their durability and this takes some time. I am always testing my beads if I created them using a new method, technique, shape... you get the idea. 

Therefore I want to combine a call for help with a giveaway!

I would like to give the following beads to one person to help me to test them! Please be aware that they may not be perfect until now, this is why I want to have somebody else to get an impression!

There are some conditions (or rather one): Use them in two weeks after you got them and share the result! I say two weeks after arrival because I know how long shipping can take. Please also tell me if there are some problems so I could solve this for the future. Also if something goes wrong with them (or a single one they may behave different due to treatment and shape), don't be disappointed: I promise to send you new beads to make up to you! (definitely also this kind of bead just in different colour or size).

So, to join my giveaway aka call-for-help all you have to do is to leave a comment until the 14th november, 7 pm (MEZ). You can write whatever you want but if you want to have some inspiration, tell me which ones are your favorites or what is missing for you or what you think could be created with them.

Since I am away from today to next thursday I thought that would be the perfect time frame.

For further entries you could become a follower of my blog, share my giveaway on your blog and/or facebook. Please leave an extra comment for every entry!

These are the beauties you could get for testing: A long and dark blue pendant, a pair of dark red round beads and a pair of strange turquoise/light blue pods. 

Nope, don't have a creative name until now ^^ Also this giveaway is international, just to make sure you know.

Hope you love them as much as I do! Thank you for taking part in my experimental phase of bead creation!


  1. I told you my ideas already on Facebook

    Only want to say, that i love the bild skull

  2. I am not entering the giveaway because I am away from home and don't think I could get pieces done in time. However, I want to tell you all the beads you have shown in this post are gorgeous! I love all the colors, all the shapes and both big and little crackle. I love what you are doing and look forward to seeing more in the future!

  3. The beads are beautiful and mystical...right up my alley. I love making earrings and pendants as well as pendulums. The longest of them and the skull would make awesome pendulums. The medium long mottled ones would be beautiful earrings. I'd love the challenge of creating some magical jewelry with your lovely beads.

  4. I absolutely love the ceramic drops! I would love to be a tester!

  5. I'd love to play with some of those! Really like the crackle effect, and the fat drops are adorable. I like where you are going with them, and I already have a couple of necklace ideas!

  6. I am a new blog follower as well! :D

  7. These are gorgeous. I am thinking pendants with beaded chains, earrings and perhaps a purse charm.

  8. I follow your blog :) Have for some time.

  9. I shared on FB

  10. Definitely please put my name in the hat! I love the crackle finishes and I think the pod shapes are my favourites.

  11. I love everything you made. The colours and crackle effect are great!
    I think my faves are the drops that are pear shaped but the long ones are pretty special too. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. I'd love the chance to play with your work!

  12. I plan to follow your blog, and will share your giveaway on facebook

  13. I really love your beads, the crackled white rounds really appealed to me, and also the bird skull, I think it would be a lot of fun designing some thing with it.

  14. I love them all. I really love the long beads, but the drops are gorgeous. I really do love the bird too.

  15. what a splendid idea. I found myself especially taken by the crackles, and the bird skull was a magnificent idea, I would even BUY one. And the curly buds remind me of beadwork I did that also curled like that and Im not too sure about it either. Anyway, I had great fun with your blogpost



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