Sonntag, 23. November 2014

"Hints of red" - Earrings

Okay, yes, I started also to use my own new beads. I love this drops with the hint of dark red going over to a pink colour with all these tiny wee crackles! Tiny...! If you start wondering about my sanity, I think Rumpel may agree. All the time I am running to him, waving some new beads in front of him and shout in a very excited manner: LOOK! SEE THE CRACKLES! THE BIG ONES! TINY ONES! AND... ORGANIC WEIRD BUBBLE HOLES! (imagine this scene going over and over again ^^)

He nods seriously and says: Yes, very beautiful.

Every single time.

I just love him :)

The balance of the earrings is a the lower part due to the drops. It draws the eyes to the crackled beads while the beautiful czech glass beads give a nice accent... without them it would not feel finished for me :)


  1. I love them Claire! Very pretty! And I smiled when I saw 'Sonntag' at the top of your post - that's me! :) - Julie Wong Sontag

    1. Thank you! And that means (as you probably already know ^) sunday in german... I wonder if your name also has some north european (the language family has a lot of quite similar words) / german background? :)



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