Dienstag, 25. November 2014

"Coke and candy" - Earrings

After the name for earrings came into my head... and I wrote it down... it somehow appeared to me that one could get the wrong impression! But then I thought that it may even fit better in regards to the time of art deco. Also have a look at the beautiful redhead, she is looking like she would enjoy every aspect of live even the darker sides.

I made the circles with tin from a candy box. Don't ask me where I got the box because I had it for at least 15 years or so. The inner parts were starting to rust therefore I took it apart. The flavor was cola (as you may already have guessed). So... the coke actually comes from coka cola and not the other stuff and candy from the simple fact that it was a candy box. 

Although... it could also be true for the redhead ;) Okay, it is late, maybe I should stop writing. 

But I really like the earrings, the images combined with the glass daggers. Now I just have to find more of these candy boxes! If you know where I may get them, please tell me.


  1. Hi Saraccino,

    I don't know how to contact you, but you have won the second bead set of Judith Billig: http://www.esfera.me/travel/lampwork-beads-winners-judith-billig-give-away

    Can you please send me a message with your contact details so we can send you your beads.
    Kind regards
    Janine Lucas

  2. Being a red head, I have to say I would love a set of those earrings. They are really great!



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