Dienstag, 18. November 2014

"Sylvan stories" - Earrings

Originally I planned to create these earrings for a challenge but I didn't manage to make them in time (or rather to take pictures in time ^^). 

I used real moos... and a lot of czech glass beads. The leave were part of Rebecca's Curiosity Kit. 

...and.... uhm... the rings were originally red and for sealing tubes from the hardware store. I just painted them with acrylic paint in black. 

I played around, just wrapping them with wire and glass seed beads... or hanging some drops and beads onto them.

...and more pictures! They are really organic in the truest sense of the word... and they probably won't last forever. But I love how they look and feel :)

Here one impression about the size with my universal comparison tool - my hand!


  1. They look pretty awesome! I feel like the lichen part of them could be reproduced by using some sort of lacy material cut at random intervals into give it the same organic texture.

  2. Oh, these are just so fabulous! I love the texture the moss gives them. It almost looks like coral and that's actually what I thought it was. Awesome!!



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