Montag, 17. November 2014

On my table...

On my table: Since I am not showing you all the stuff I am working on... don't get enough daylight anymore to take pictures... or just have too many work-in-progress pieces... that I decided to join 

I am making a lot of earrings at the moment. These little ones are always my bestseller on fairs. For me there are a great opportunity to test new treatments and colour combinations, pattern and structures... but they don't cost to much in term of material and time. Okay, for time it is only true if I make a lot at the same time... otherwise they will take long. But since this is also something I would also do to test and play, it is a win/win to also have something to sell. 

They are also the little dots of colour people like to take away from markets because they are not too expensive. My little sister Lachafa told me (and she is one not having a lot of money to spend at that time) that if she is going to a market or a fair she wants to buy something. Take something with her. She was right because I am like her. If I visit a fair I want to find and buy something beautiful even if it is just a great postcard! A small treat for myself... :)

I also played with techniques, new pattern, made some mold from vintage buttons (a friend visited me with her whole button treasure box!), new stamps, new powders I bought (from a nail art store by the way)...

While I love the text and the colour, I am not sure whether this butterfly pendants may be a little bit too big. I used a wooden base (scrapbooking area at the craft store ^^), glued some old paper on the backside and used polymer clay on the front. 

And while we are at crafting stuff... I also played with old book pages, stamp ink, crackle paint... I am using this for my boxes :)

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