Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

On my table... Blue wings - Polymer clay bead

I will try to show you more of my work in progress or what projects I currently am working on. There are so many that are taking a long time but I still think it may be interesting to show them to you. Also to prove that I am still creating a lot of things, that I am just not showing too much of them.... because they are not finished. 

I try to allow myself the time to work slowly, to get the right components, the right idea for the composition. Several months ago I set myself the aim to create more necklaces. I have so many images in my head but the way from there into reality is a long one. Especially because they are ever changing.

The wings are made with polymer clay (Fimo professional, I am not happy about it... I want my Fimo classic back!). They will be the focal point of a necklace... now I just have to arrange everything else and maybe create another bead for the center. We will see :)

Can you see the rather crusty textures? And the different layers of colour and metallic spots?

...maybe on the other wing ;)

And an idea about the size... 

The backside is just rough and in a blueish grey. Is it strange that I also really like how organic the surface appears and already thinking about how to incorporate this into new beads? :)

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