Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Tiny elefants and skulls - everyone needs pink flowers! (ear studs)

You see the pink flowers? I think you may guess for whom I made them ;) 

Tiny ear studs... skulls and elefants.

As much as I like cute stuff, it is something I am not enjoying to create as much as my organic, more tribal work. But from time to time even I need to work "in cute". ^^

I especially love the elefants (I also made molds of both of them after sculpting). They are not really difficult to make - under one condition - stop trying to be perfect. They are rough, have fingerprints, are not perfectly shapes... but have a look at this tiny beauty: It doesn't matter! One glance and you see: It is an elefant! (or a skull...)  :)

PS: I even have a small tutorial for skulls here (just don't judge the images to strict... they were taken over two years ago and not the best ^^). 


  1. I would suggest that these are not traditionally 'cute.' I think that adding the pink flowers to the edgy skulls and elephants makes them unique and strange. I love them, Claire! Your elephant mold is just beeautiful, and so cool done in antiqued blue!



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