Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

"Roman gold" - Rustic, dark earrings

The organic, rustic surface of the hammered brass looks old and worn. Like an ancient piece found after being forgotten for hundreds or even thousand years ago. A different time, a different empire...

The dark red of the glass, the glimmer of gold from the brass, it brings so many ideas and stories into my mind.

The earrings are made from hammered and oxidized/darkened brass with copper ear wires combined with artisan tiny lampwork beads. The earrings move beautifully. You may find a "dangling" quality in most of my earrings.

I am not sure why but jewelery is something more than just pure adornment for me. It is a reflection of who I am and also what speaks to me. I can understand how jewelery had a deeper meaning in a lot of older cultures. There is jewelery that I can see and it is pretty but in the end just that. I am also not tempted to buy anymore (I was being younger). Now there has to be more, a story, a feeling, a tribal vibe just for me. It can be organic, rustic, worn, ancient... not pretty. But beautiful.

These earrings reminded me of old roman jewelery. Yes, it is more rustic than they would have used for their quite often more delicate style. But it was the story and images that came to my mind, so be it! :)

"Roman gold"

There are also here in my shop :)


  1. It's always about the story and the feeling for me.... your work definitely has that quality about it.

    I know I always say this, but.... I REALLY REALLY love these. You know, I struggle with red. Perhaps even more so than yellow, and that's saying a lot. It's not that I have anything against it, I just hardly ever think of it. But with the textured, oxidized brass? Divine. xo

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