Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

After a long time... ceramic clay again!

This beads are my first ceramic clay beads after a long time. I love to use different media in my work. Somehow I more see myself in the visual impact I want to create and not as a person defined by it's medium (like a painter, a silver smith, a potter). 

Mh... okay... I am also not officially trained in any of this too, still, I enjoy to create and there is a part of me in my work. So for me my creations are not about the material and but all about the person, the process and the perception of the piece!

Why did I come back to ceramic clay as medium? I just stopped because it was to stressful and often timewise not possible to go to a ceramic workshop. Now I joined the makerspace (this was my christmas present for Rumpel and myself: our membership there) and they got a kiln donated! 

A kiln I am responsible for now! Yay! They also got a lot of material and tools donated, but it all has to be sorted out (I am already nearly through and now know what is still needed or has to be replaced... the kiln shelves have some non removeable glaze because they were not goo prepared...). The glazes are all dried, but this is a solvable problem. I also bought new clay to test and play with... 

Makerspace logo... in black ;)

I bought different colour of clay with different properties but also for myself paperclay! So... can't wait to test the glazes (okay... I also bought some new ones) and a lot of techniques. My polymer clay molds already work wonderful!

I will also give some workshops in the future, about making copper earrings, polymer clay beads... and whatever else.

...and teal... very steampunkish!

If you want to have a look (but it is in german):

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