Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

"Peacock's pride" - Earrings


Peacock's pride - The purple, the blue and the green, all of it together, they create the bright and colourful effect that I connect with the beauty of a peacock... and also as bold! The lampwork beads are made by Julie Wong Sontag from uglibeads. 

Around the tip of the feathers I wrapped them with copper wire, fine wool and seed beads. 

The earrings are really light weight (yes, like a feather ;)), the move easily with the wind and the slightest touch...

...and they are really endless long!

They are in my shop here :)


  1. These are REALLYREALLYCOOL! I just love them! Perfect for summer... with a long, flowy dress, maybe? Beautiful. xoxo

    1. ...oh yes, with deep saturated and bright colours! :)

      Thank you Julie!



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