Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

"Magical woods" - Earrings

I made the little polymer clay charm before christmas... before christmas 2013. I went through my own polymer clay bead stash and forced myself to finally use it piece by piece...

They were made with a negative mold I created from a stamp. The whole stamp I used for pendants and christmas tree decorations. The deer and owl are made just using small pieces from the stamp mold. 

...or force myself to part it by giving it away or putting it up in my etsy shop. Either way, beads are not meant to be hidden in the dark, they should get their chance to tell a story and be loved and worn :)

They are long, really, really long but I love wearing long earrings myself. Combined with czech glass beads and copper ear wire. All of the beads are from Rebecca's The Curious Bead Shop. Some are even of one of her monthly bead kits (Curiosity Club). It also just took a long time before I used them ;)

Did I say how long they are? ;)

You may get them here in my etsy shop :)


  1. I just find your creativity SO inspiring. I think you probably know that already, but it bears repeating :) xo

    1. Thank you Julie! And... there is never ever a point where I will take that for granted, so repeating helps ;)

  2. SO beautiful Claire! I love your wee charms - I so often feel like that about beads myself, torn between hoarding and wanting them to live their full life!



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