Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

"Deep down" - Earrings

There is something so magical in the work of Kimberly (numinosity beads). It may sound simple: copper sticks combined with enamel on both sides. It may even be simple... until you get to this small step that makes a huge difference. The part where you create something with depth and beauty, something complex and fascinating, something just magical from these simple components.

To achieve this, that is not an easy task. It makes all the difference. I will always recognize a numi-stick even if there are a lot of different enameled copper sticks available. Some are boring, some are beautiful on their own... but always different.

Beads, findings, material, jewelery... it has to speak to me. Not just pretty but beautiful and this means (at least for me) some form of attachment, the piece has to stir something inside of me. 

Just a few numi-sticks left... some more on their way... but I am proud of myself that I am finally able to use them even with the danger of running out of numi-sticks! ;)

I will have to redo the earwires... so still some time before I'll put them in my shop ;)

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