Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

On my worktable...

Just some impressions of ongoing projects, some may be finished soon...

 ...some may become (strangely ^^) UFOs. These light beads are bone beads recycled/upcycled from some old necklaces from Rumpel's mum!

I started knotting necklaces or also rather some pieces usable for necklaces or bracelets. I like to have a lot of ready to use pieces at hand. The flower beads are from the last Kit from Rebecca's Curiosity Club!

There is just pure beauty in matte etched beads.

Also some numi-sticks on their way to become earrings! This will be finished soon because only the ear wires are missing.

But... this is also somehow the longest step in the earring creation process because I don't like it too much ;)

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