Freitag, 13. April 2012

Unexpected fabric - pillow out of kitchen towels

Just have a look at this gorgeous woven fabric! It is high quality cotton washable even at higher temperatures than 60 °C. Okay, should be like this with a kitchen towel, or? 
I just found them at the supermarket and was smitten :) 

The colours are difficult to catch without sunlight... but they are really bright and vibrant! 

And the threads create an interesting structure with their different strenghts...

Mine :)

Also surprisingly soft, I really don't know why anybody would make kitchen towels out of this fabric. This is not a kitchen towel fabric at all. I never want to cuddle with the fabric of my real kitchen towels!


  1. the fabric does make a very pretty cushion, Claire. Lovely (and soft too). :)

  2. That's very beachy looking - so cute! All my kitchen towels are black and gray - now I'm wondering why?!



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