Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Easter eggs

The easter eggs I made this year. Real egg shells...
...filled with chocolate!

I used these acrylic colours from reeves. I really prefer to use the metallic paints from reeves because it is rare that acrylic colours have a real metallic shine / effect and these ones have! :)

An inner layer with dark chocolate...
(60 % and 70 % dark chocolate mixed, one even with caramel pieces!)
...some eggs were even solid inside with nougat! (just pourred after the chocolate layer hardened)

Filled with crunchy stuff!

You see, I played with the special photo effects of picasa ^^


  1. Das klingt ja spannend. Da hätte ich dann auch Ostereier gefuttert.

    Lg Sarah

    1. Sie waren auch verboten lecker...! Zum Glück habe ich fast alle verschenkt gehabt und nur mit einer Freundin einmal eins zum testen "vernichtet" ^^

  2. Oh wow these are amazing!!!! Love the metallic look, so beautiful!



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