Montag, 16. April 2012


The same playing around with images I did with the little birds I also did with some keys. I want to make necklaces out of them. This is not my idea but the idea of Lachafa! My sister had an old and long chain from the 80s and searched for a big key to use as pendant. So here we go with supersize key pendants! (it looks cool on her, maybe she'll get me a better picture to show you... I hope you just read this, sister ^^). 

But here again... the picasa effects like lomo...

...and I forgot how all the others are named...

But I like the different images! All useable for some cards or scrapbooking...

Feel free to use the images! If you need a higher resolution, just ask me per mail :) 

And please link back here if you use them :)


  1. Oh, was für schöne Schlüssel! Vielen Dank für die Bilder. =)

    1. Bitte :) Und wie gesagt, ich kann gerne höhere Auflösung verschicken... nur hochladen im blog dauert immer zu lange,,, :(

  2. Great idea for scrapbooking or creating collages. Thanks Claire. :)

  3. love these keys! My neighbor has a whole wall of keys!



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