Freitag, 6. April 2012

Inspirations: On the streets (Porto)

Conheces este bigode?

Do you know this moustache?

Lachafa was for four weeks in porto, portugal, being an intern at the school (she is studying at the moment with the goal of becoming a teacher :)). Of course she also makes fotos when she is seeing street art or other inspiring things! So these fotos are all from her made for me! 

And yes... the moustache is also to be found in porto!

Look around for stranger....!

...or some love...

A friend of Lachafa is student teacher for art in porto. She created the decoration for the reading bee with the kids. She made animals out of old books! One of them you can see below. I just love the teeths ^^

And yes, it seems that I am back :) I am feeling way better know, hopefully can skip all the "drugs" very soon. But hey, I can move my back and hips again! Or rather... I can dance again! Okay, my neck still tries to annoy me... but in the end he'll also give in and be useable again! Ha! 

Can you imagine how terrible it was for me not to be able to dance? It is not to go dancing or something like this but just all the tiny moves here and then hearing music. I didn't know how much I am moving / dancing all day until I couldn't do it anymore.

So... too many words... 'cause I just wanted to tell you that I am back to my blog and therefor back to you :)

And thanks for all your nice words and concerns! I am sorry that I didn't answered all of you but writing / being on the computer (doing anything at all...) was not the easiest thing for me to do. 

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  1. Ooooh ich hab ewig nicht nach Updates geguckt und wusste gar nicht, dass du krank warst bzw bist °_°; Da kann ich dir dein Axolotl natürlich auch gern mal rumbringen, dieser Freitag wird nämlich bestimmt für drei bis fünf Monate erst mal der letzte, an dem ich zum Vampire komme. Und das Lotl langweilt sich hier schon...
    Gute Besserung auf jeden Fall! <3



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