Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Inspirations: University of leipzig

I already made this pictures some time ago but didn't show them to you. This is the new building of the university of leipzig situated where the former Paulinerkirche (church of St. Pauli) stood. Therefor there was a reference to the old church integrated in the new design (the church was destroyed 1968, for more detailed informations just have a look at wiki :) ). 

It was a stormy and quite dark day. 

It is all blues and greys. Glas and stone. Surprisingly beautiful. 

But all the blues where stunning in the glas!

Irregular shapes... which are still ordered.

Oh just look at the broken lines! Even in twenty years, when it is used and dirty, from smog and birds and whatever... it will still look great! Because all the different shades, the broken lines... you won't see any dirt at all because the aging and weathering will be integrated in the whole image of the building. One may thing it looks so easy to accomplish but this is the hardest task at all! 

When the whole project "building a new main campus" started, to be honest, I didn't like the 3D pictures of the winning design. I was surprised how much I fell in love with it. The part which reminds in its shape of the former church... I could go without it. Nice but not too special. Maybe because the images are too well known? But the other parts, playing with glas and lights, with broken lines and colours... I could dream of whole cities build like this! :)

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