Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Pieces of summer

This are the next ceramic pieces I made to create jewelery out of them. I made them at the "Werk II" in Leipzig, where you can use the open pottery studio. You pay for the hours you use the studio. All of the clay and glazes and even the firing is included (only if you really use up to kg of clay in a very short time you may pay an euro more... yes, we are talking about a few euros, not more). 

It is really nice there, the master of pottery (a one to one translation ^^ but it is the highest titel you can get in your craftmanship) will always help you. For kids it even cost less. Only the times are a problem for me... sniff. 

These earrings are my personal new favorites... I love the transparent green glaze! All the other ones are now Lachafa's :)


...ornaments from old art nouveau tiles...

My new favorites again! There is something special in real clay and the glas like glaze! And somehow I connect the little pieces of ceramic with summer. With light and sunshine... with the mediterranean countries and old tiny villages... nothing real but it just feels like summer.


  1. Your favorites are wonderful! And I think my favorite is the subtle leaf pattern. What a great resource to use the studio!

  2. Sehr hübsch! Ich finde die mit dem Blättermuster auch am schönsten. =)

    1. Das Blattmuster ist in echt sogar noch filigraner, aber das hab ich leider mit der digi nicht einfangen können :)

  3. they're all gorgeous! Your favourites are mine as well. I adore the texture.

  4. Wow, sehen die toll aus. Mir gefallen die grünen auch am Besten.

    Lg Sarah

  5. So beautiful. You are very talented! I would buy these at a shop if I saw them displayed!

  6. Very nice! I've always wanted to get into pottery but just have too many other things on the go. The studio you went to sounds like the perfect place to learn. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize~



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