Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

"Just a touch" - Earrings

I was thinking about the name... and this is what came in my mind over and over again. Just a touch of... rose, flowers, flowing... all the different but subtle impressions in the polymer clay beads. But also just a touch itself, it is fitting all the feelings I have looking at them :)

And please bare with me: More pictures! The czech glass beads are a subtle rose and even while the beads are mainly in shades of blue there is a little bit of rose and purple inside. This make the glass beads so fitting.

They are romantic, maybe even going into the bohemian style with the flow and combination. *sighs* But I just have one pair of polymer clay beads left I made in this style. Finally I managed to use them (took me about one to two years... you know how it is with beads you hold precious ^^).

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