Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Beaded strings for USB sticks - Never get lost in the handbag ^^

The upper two usb sticks were for my family. It was not for the usb stick but rather for the scanned pictures inside of them. They are quite big with 32 GB. Also I chose sticks that were water resistant and shock proof. But the most important part: The added beaded string! This was not my idea but from my stepmother (what a gruesome word... still want to have another better one) who has beads hanging on her mobile so she can easily grap it out of her handbag. The mobile is always in a small side pocket inside her handbag with the beads hanging outside. 

This one is mine. I made it after I already gave the other two away and thinking: Hey, I also need/want one! ^^ I used the recycled old and worn silver beads I love so much. Will be a problem as soon as I run out of them! But I don't want to stash anything anymore but use it! 

The string is waxed linen. I used a combination of single beads I had at hand. I prefer the colourful combination other the blue one that is for me but truth is: I run out of this kind of beads ^^

Some swarowski and czech glass beads at the end to add some more colour accents! These beaded strings are easy and fast to make and are useful as well as beautiful :)


  1. Warum bin ich da selbst noch nicht drauf gekommen? Ist ja genial! Wo bekommt man denn gewachstes Leinen? Oder ähnliches? Habe nur schnödes Nähgarn hier...



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