Montag, 2. Juni 2014

"Dirigible" - Earrings

Hot-air ballon... ^^ Yes, somehow this was my first association. Even if for this the light blue beads below the "ballons" are a wee bit to big. Still, looking at them makes me smile :) They are colourful, playful and of course, they have movement (in the moment I just love the word "dangling"!). 

Czech glass beads (I think I got them in a mix years ago, I only had two of this light blue colour), bronze beads I coloured with vintaj patina (yes, I am addicted... and I even got more colours from a person destashing them for a great deal), bronze metal drops (don't know how I could ever go on without them) and last but not least purple and turquoise swarowski bicones.  

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