Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

"Bohemian Blue" - Polymer clay earrings

More blue. Given the fact that I mostly NOT tend to wear blue I am always fascinated how much I tend to go with it in my work. Be it polymer clay beads or jewelery... Still, they go very well with my clothing style which consists of either pure black or pure colour mix! My little brother once (still a small kid at that time) observed drily: "Gippies und Hrufties".  This meant a mix of hippies and gothics (in germany also called "Grufties"). At that time I was rather fitting in the dark area and my sister with her bright colours in the other but he was right with his oberservation. Take away the colour choice and the style is so compareable to each other. The layering, the ease, the combination of odd choices (in a good way) and the "dangling", even playful choice of jewerley. 

Maybe bohemian combines it somehow. Now we think of colours and style but gothic as well as bohemianism have it root in the romanticism, both being non-traditional at that time and combined with artistic and intellectual tendencies. Yes, it was not the same but somehow the appeal as well as the breaking out of the ordinary and the rules by society and especially the longing going with it, has a very similar appeal... especially nowadays. 

And the style is so easy to mix. take my earrings above for example: Just let my polymer clay beads have shades of black and silver, white and black or even grey and together with the silver wire and the deep blue glass beads it would be rather gothic than bohemian. 

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