Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Whatever you can find - more molds and stamps for polymer clay!

When I saw all these cute and tiny paper clips in south korea, I couldn't resist! As they are all made out of metal I already had some use with polymer clay in mind. But now I thought why not to make some kind of stamps / molds out of them? And here we go...

Something from the lab: A PCR reaction plate (this was already unsteril and before we throw it away I finally realized the great little letters!).

Just to give you an idea how tiny the letters and numbers are. 

This is a closure I found in my local fabric and sewing shop... had to come with me! They also have great bronze metal rings I am using for jewelery normally meant for belts. Really always worth to have a look in stores for other crafting areas ^^

I wanted to make some molds with metal charms I had lying around. I clipped the pin hole off to get a better mold. 

Now to the resulting stamps and molds: Sooooo cute these tiny wee animals!

Some stamps made just with some details of the paper clips...

Just roughly handles ^^

My new letter and number stamps. I have now the numbers 1 to 12 and the letters A to H. Not perfect but enough to play with it! I put small polymer clay balls on top of the plate and baked it all together (the PCR plate can tolerate the heat). Afterwards I glued this strange wood pieces I found in my stash on the baked clay with E6000. 

Perfect impressions!

Molds made with polymer clay is stiff and for other uses (at least for me) compared with silicone molds. With a polymer clay mold like this you can get perfect details. 

I also write on the backside what kind of mold it is and of course mark the top!

The I used some old scraps of polymer clay (fimo classic) to test the imprints / molds :)

Love the little colibri and squirrel! I can see nice pendants and textures made with them :)

In small they are also cute... and such tiny letters and numbers... find he bananas?

The molds are nicely working and I always have use for leaves and more leaves!

...and a lot of tiny cute animals!

Rather more for my beads and pendants... will look great after baking and painting.

Even while I love fimo classic to work with, I definitely would suggest now suer sculpey firm for making small molds and stamps. The fimo classic is not attaching too much to a baked super sculpey mold (that is not the case if I want to use fimo classic in a mold made with fimo classic!). Yes, of course I also use a little bit of water or baby powder as a release agent but I prefer if I already don't have to use a lot to start with ^^Also as I already wrote quite often in my blog: Super sculpey firm hold small details stunningly great and beautiful! 


  1. I have used my scrap Kato for making moulds which are great for capturing details (water only for resist) :) Nice experiments, Claire :)

  2. Claire - I love all the great molds you were able to make.

  3. Wonderful results from those paper clips! Even though they are so flat, you got great impressions. I love the Pegasus so much!



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