Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

"Forgotten treasures" - The beauty of time

You see the silver beads? The worn look, full of bumps and dents? They are made over a kind of inlay (don't know what), just a thin layer of metal on top. From the colours I found I would say a copper basis with silver on top. They were part of a bracelet I found in a second hand shop. The thread was worn (and not nice anymore... no way...) and like the two silver beads on top, all of the beads looked like they had a rough past. But they appealed to me.

There is something special they tell, a hidden story. This worn look can't be achieved by anything else than time. For me they are little treasures, beads you just get once!

After I bought them (with other broken jewelery pieces and old glass beads) I got rid of the thread and scrubbed them again and again and again.... and again! Inside and out just to really get them clean. I used mild soap to make sure I would not get rid of the patina but just of all the real and even worse, the imaginary dirt (working in a lab has its downfalls...). Afterwards I polished the top with soft fabric.

The czech glass flowers and beautiful facetted blue beads (both from the curious bead shop again ;) ) combined with the silver beads are now telling a new story and just by looking at the earrings my head is full of images and ideas, sounds and colours.


  1. Love the battered metal with the sparkly glass, Claire :) I would love to find vintage locally but there isn't much available in my small community :(



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