Montag, 19. Mai 2014

"Forgotten treasures II" - Stories they tell

Normally I am not too fond of mixing metals. Not that I really dislike it rather than looking at a piece I quite often have the impression that it was just a random mistake. There are jewelery pieces with perfect mixed metals, they complement and enhance each other. But that is (for me at least) really difficult to achieve. These earrings are an exception for me! I used some more of the old silver beads (have a look here at "Forgotten treasures"). I combined them with tiny red czech beads with a picasso finish (from The Curious Bead Shop), grey swaroswki bicones (one of my favorite colours for swaroswkis!) and copper beads. Copper. But the silver beads have a copper hint in them as if they just have a thin silver layer on top with the copper below. Together with the dark read glass beads I surprisingly loved the colour story! Like my first earring pair I made with my treasured old and worn silver beads, these earrings look like they have a story to tell. Rather belonging in an arabic fairy-tale, directly out of thousand and one nights :)


  1. I love the mixed metal look! These earrings are perfect.

  2. You're right - it is difficult to achieve a good mixed metals look but I think that you've found one of the answers - mixing not only the earwires but also the beads balances the look! Such a great idea!



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