Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

"Cosmic whispers" - Necklace

Since I like to give the jewelery pieces I make names, I try to find suiting ones. Not always but more often than not recently. Since I made this necklace with beads from a surprise bead selection kit named "Whispers" this had to be incorporated in the name. Just that.... mh... the piece has a kind of steampunk feeling for me combined with... Saturn. The colour, the ring... the planet saturn just came into my mind. Since saturn and whispers is a not so perfect combination I tried to figure out what feeling the neacklace projects to me. Cosmic whispers fits for me into a Jules Verne idea of science fiction. A little bit whimsical, mechanical and last but not least, the necklace speaks to me like is has a story to tell.

You see the big bronze ring? I bought it in my sewing store in the city center of leipzig. It is normally meant for a belt (if you want to sew one). A nice and sturdy quality, already meant to be worn and not too expensive (not cheap either to be honest ^^). They have them in a lot of different sizes and colours.

The other pieces I made with the "Whispers" bead selection:

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