Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

"Summer night" - polymer clay earrings

First of all: It was not possible to capture all the layers of colour, the depth of the structures and all the sparkles that the polymer clay beads posses. I love these ring beads. So much that it took me over a year and a half to finally use them. I already used some of the beads I made in that session but are also still hoarding some. I try to use them now, one bead pair at a time. But it is difficult!

I had them around me dedicated to finally use them. But nothing was fitting until I got some new czech glass beads from The Curious Bead shop from Rebecca. Colour and shape and especially the play of transparency just went together perfectly!

Some more pictures: I tried to get you a better impression of the structures and colours :) The earrings are dreamy, saturated with colour and seem to dance while worn.


  1. They are beautiful. I would love to know how you made the circles. Did you use a mold?

    1. Thanks :)

      I used to cookie cutters to get the round shape but because I set them per hand, the circles are not perfect but rather organic. I pressed a lot of textures into the polymer clay. Whatever I had at hand and was lying around ^^ Stamps, metall charms, knitting needles, plastic wrappings... in the end I just want an interesting texture with a lot of depths. While still unbaked I added some eye powder with my finger tips on tops, just slightly brushing without pressure. The powders are pure colour powders sold at the store to create your own eye shadow with some base they also sell. I only buy the sparkling powder because of the perfect quality, good price and it is fine like mica powder! For eye shadows I use ready made ;)

      After baking I added several layers of acrylic paint (always Reeves). I add them and then instantly use my finger or some paper towel to get rid of the excess. Also the parts with the powder are more resistant to acrylic paint than the polymer clay itself. This is quote perfect so i don't have to worry to overlay my shiny powder. Still, I also like to add some more powder highlights in the wet acrylic paint.... and I add and/or remove until I like the result.

      For these beads I put on top a thin layer of liquid polymer clay (also fimo), baked it again and then added several layers of shiny gloss.



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