Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

All the flowers! - new beads

I am playing with shapes, molds and colours. Here are some of my results that I really, really like. Strangely enough: At the same time I am not sure what to create with them! ^^ 

Uhm, yes... I made a lot of pictures. I tried to catch the different angles because especially the three dimensional bead shapes are difficult to catch.

Also I think it is important to show the backside of the beads. Especially because I may not keep them but sell them. The pictures holding the beads in my hand are a way of giving an impression of the size.

The same basic shape but a complete different bead!

I am trying to get my head around how to incorporate this bead shape into a design... also keeping all sides visible ;)

Sometimes I may even like the backside better... the real organic and random structures!

The size would be nice for earrings as well as necklaces or bracelets.

Again the same basic form but a different shape and white fimo classic used instead of turqoise/blue fimo classic.

The colour on top of all beads is acrylic paint from Reeves. For these last flowers I put on a coat of payne's grey first to tone done the other layers of colour. 

...all sides again... from the top to the side.... the back (or inside?)!

A little bit bigger than the last blue ones.

Oh, these art beads are no flowers... but made at the same time to test new structures, shapes and molds :)

And the back!


  1. I love how you are curling the petals around the beads!

  2. Yes yes yes, I love the curled ones so much!!! They seem so true to nature, like old flowers about to fall after blooming. And again I appreciate the picture with your hand in it, it really does convey a sense of the beads.

  3. Beautiful work, such original designs!

  4. Really beautiful beads! Your designs are wonderful.



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