Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Patina compass challenge and Mojo- "Just fly!"

"Just fly!"

Yes, I know, I am late... not too late looking at my clock but still... To be honest I am glad I made it at all. Not because of the work itself but of getting some decent pictures. I really should make a decision what new camera to buy (but a new laptop has priority... sighs) because with no day light my digi cam is just defeated. I love my digi but finally it is in it's last moments. 

You know this moments when you would love just to crash the camera *put any technical device in her insteadt if you want*.. throw it against the wall? 

But enough of my rambling! Kathy invited us for a little challenge, she send us a compass rose and wanted us to create a patina on top with whatever we have at hand. Therefore I overcame my desire to buy vintage patinas right now (I need another motivation/excuse). 

Back to my compass. Somehow I wanted to go a teeny wee bit over the top and combine the compass with a wing bead (you can bead it = it is a bead) I made from polymer clay (fimo). I tried a lot with different colours on the metall compass but they all didn't come together with the wing. Until I pressed some clay against the back of the compass (I just love stamped metall findings!) like a mold and made a new compass.

Trust me you can't see any of the original colour anymore. I used the dye oxides from Christi Friesens swellegant in different blue shades and acrylic paint (Reeves) in paynes grey and white. 

A little closer look at the wing... and the facetted beads are czech glass beads from "The curious bead shop" and the other beads including the white stringed beads are all from recycled jewelery. 

I also added some patina on other findings... whereever I could. White acrylic paint and blue swellegant dye oxide.

Actually I may have to rearrange it because the white stringed beads are from an old necklace and it loves to turn around... but I really love the white against the other elements! Any idea how to solve this?

The piece above the compass is a brass finding I glued on some paper, sanded the edges off and sealed it. The little dangle on top is again made out of polymer clay and covered with bronze swellegant paint.

So... if you are still with me I hope you have also the energy to jump over and have a look at Kathys at BayMoon and all the over participants of the challenge! :)

Just right here: patina compass challenge

And speaking of challenges: This is also for Heather's "Jewelery Making Mojo Challenge", week 2 "Bead soup". After having my two main parts I really just grabbed what where lying around on my table and tried to make it fit! This is where the old stringed beads as well as my new curious beads came in... and why I put some paper on the brass finding in the middle because otherwise I was not fitting for me (I put a lot of different colours on top and sanded them all off again ^^).


  1. Wow wow wow. It is oh so wonderful! The wing is a marvelous creation, and I am in awe of the whole feeling and mood of this gorgeous necklace! I went to see the other creations, many lovely versions. It's always exciting to see how different artists interpret the same thing. (p.s. your is my favorite one, though)

  2. A gorgeous piece! I love all the elements you used. I especially like the beaded rope. You put a lot of thought and work into this piece.

  3. I love the combination of the blues and white. You did a great job with the compass . I am so glad you participated in this challenge!

    1. Thank you! :) I really need some challenges at the moment and it was great that you let me play along in yours!

  4. Wunderschön! Die würde ich sofort tragen, und ich bin kein Freund von maritimen Themen bei Klamotten.

  5. Danke schön! Hihi... mir ist gar nicht aufgefallen wie maritim es sein kann! Farben und Motive ;) Ich bin eigentlich auch dafür gar nicht zu haben, aber hier war es auch eher ein "steampunk" Gefühl, dem ich gefolgt bin.Mal schauen, ob ich nochmal Bilder im Tageslicht mache, damit man die Details noch besses sehen kann ;)

  6. Wunderschon! I hope that means wonderful because I think what you did is beautiful! I like the dyes you used. Patina is a new technique for me & my colors didn't quite turn out as vivid as I wanted. You have given me more ideas. Wow!

  7. You took all sorts of different things and wove them together in such a great way. The colors are perfect and it's such a cool piece. I'm a little late to the hop, but love seeing all the different results. Christie

  8. What a great piece. I love the wing bead with it. And your colors are very bright and wonderful. I like the white strung beads with it and think it all goes together very well. Finally got the pictures reloaded on my blog post/reveal for my compass.

  9. I love this style and the patina is awesome! I almost never use blue for pieces but this looks great! makes me want to "string the blues" . Beautiful.

  10. Beautiful! Wow I can't stop looking at it. I love how the compass kinda looks like a piece of china with the blue on it. Very well done.

  11. Never "too over the top"! Tons of imagination makes for a beautiful necklace!!

  12. Fantastisch! [One of the few words I remember from my German class] Truly creative and lovely~ I would wear this anytime! Nice job



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