Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Rumpel - more of his work

This statue was made by Rumpel. He gave him no real name but calls him "dicker Mann". This belongs to his older work (I will show you more). Now he started to work again this time using polymer clay for smaller statues. Originally he made a kind of wax statue and then made a mold for casting. But seeing me working with polymer clay got him also to try it.

He uses now sculpey super firm because even fimo classic was to soft for him. I have to admit that I also love sculpey super firm to create molds! It holds all the details so perfectly and fimo classic does not really stick to the backed sculpey super firm. 

Rumpel also made the wooden frame for the man and he now hangs in our living room between the two windows. Like a little shrine ;) I tried to capture this in a photo... but our windows go out to the south. Maybe I will make one when the sun is not shining (but sorry to say this, I hope this won't be the case anytime soon! ^^). 


  1. Hey Claire! I'm always intrigued by the different places we can go with PC :) I came by for your Patina Blog Hop, but then I noticed ALL THE POSTS I MISSED :( I was sure I was following you from "way back", I just added you again both GFC and Bloglovin so I don't miss out. Always enjoy your wonderful experiments... going to cruise around for a while :)

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! You are a talented pair :) Dan is very creative too. He's an architect... and writes the most beautiful poetry... I don't think it's essential to be with someone who is also creative, but it definitely doesn't hurt! -- Julie

    1. I just told him! ;)

      In the end I think you find someone who fits together. and being creative and/or appreciate it, is something that often defines a person to a great degree so no surprise if the other also has its share in creativity ;)



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