Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Blue flowers and a tiny wee beading tutorial...

Yes, a really tiny tutorial but hey, I already sketched it so why not show it? ;) 

Heather Powers from Humblebeads gave out a Super Bead Sunday challenge yesterday. It was inspired by the super bowl in the US and while I am neither in the US nor a fan of this game... I loved her inspirational colour palettes and had to play along! 

I made with duo (twin) beads and seed beads (15/00) small beaded flowers (or also just circles / mandalas... you name it). They are really simple but I love their look. I added a lot of czech glas beads with picasso finish (I got them all including the duo beads from The curious bead shop), some chain and metall drops. 

There are quite long, without the hook 8,5 cm (3,5 in) and with the hook and the beads on it 10,5 cm (4,1 in). The slightly touch my shoulders if I move my head. But there are really light and due to this play nicely while moving.

Oh, and here my tiny wee tutorial!

String 8 duo (twin) beads. Go through the first bead again. Make sure you got through all beads 2 times in total (always the same hole) and make a knot to secure. Then  go with the thread through the outer hole of a twin bead, take 2 seed beads (15/00) and go through the next twin beads. Make sure the thread is hold tight. Again go through all beads in the outer ring 2 times and make a knot afterwards.

Yes, it is tiny... but this is how I write / sketch down things like this :)

 This was the first made-at-night picture... still not a perfect picture at top on this blog post but getting better... maybe with sunlight and a new camera the quality will increase again. *sighs*


  1. This is what I need for a challenge, Claire :) I was sent some cute little duo beads and I need an easy way to design (cause I am NOT a seed-beader). Will try this out :) Thanks!



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