Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

On my work table - fusion of silk and colours, wire and beads...

They are still not finished so just for you a short impression what I am working on for... weeks... no... months now. Not all the time, but you know, here a stolen moment and there another to keep going even if it is slow. I got beautiful silk stripes from urchinflower. We both took part in an event at crafts (the Package Pals!). It took me some time to know what I wanted to do with it. Not due to the lack of ideas but rather the tendency to keep them. You know the kind of keeping where you are afraid to waste them ;)

But then I had a bunch of small metal bangles or bracelets that I bought at a sale. Some of them I already showed you wrapped in embroidery thread. I thought of covering them with polymer clay just to see the silk next to the clay box.

What takes me so long are all the layers and discovering what works for me or not while going on. The first layer are always the stripes of coloured silk. Then I used silk or cotton thread to tighten them and especially to add more colour. I love the rough and open texture, still it is really durable! Maybe you can also see the thin coloured wire I wrapped on top of the thread. My sister Lachafa made such a great christmas box for me including a lot of crafting and jewelery material (all found somewhere in Barcelona :)). A set of bright coloured wire was included. Süße, it is nearly empty now! All used up for the bracelets!

Now I am at the last stage... stages... I add stringer wire as accents and as foundation to hold glas beads and metal findings. Old and recycled glass beads, sparkling czech glas, bird charms and flower caps. And at the end I somehow have to dull down the bright brass and copper wire. Still thinking of how to do this without damaging the silk. 

So probably it will take some more weeks... but at least I could show you a little snap shot of what is on my work table at the moment :)


  1. These really have the popular boho look. Very creative and well done!

    1. Thank you :) I will just add more and more beads and charms! I already tried them on, either als pairs or as stacks three to four... it makes really fun to see the little beads moving! :)

  2. Thanks! I am just slowly adding thngs now because I am always a little bit afraid... that I would "destroy" the look I already like. But I also feel that there is still a little bit missing :)



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