Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

"Memories..." - Picture frames

I struggled with this blog entry. You may see why: Too many pictures... and what picture to put on top? I now went quite randomly because I honestly couldn't choose! 

I made picture frames with polymer clay (fimo classic) or rather I covered bought picture frames with polymer clay. I went for some cheap frames made out of wood so I could bake them. There were at the bigger frames some plastic parts attached but I could remove them safely and attach them back on later. If you also want to wrap frames in poylmer clay, have a look if you really can bake every part!

This said: I also used kato polymer binding medium or paste on the smaller frames. I was afraid that the polymer clay would not have enough grip to attach securely to the smooth surface. It was a mess but worth it: Was holding perfectly (yes, I tested it). It was not necessary for the bigger frames because they hade some rather ugly "raw" wood structures on top. Real wood made looking like fake cheap wood. Strange world. Afterwards I used the swellegant paint line from Christi Friesen to create this old and worn look.

It was late in the nights while I was working on these picture frames. Hey, at least I made some pictures of the process. I sadly forgot the first ones as comparison where you could see the original polymer clay colour (it looked weird ^^) but I have several ones to show you the process of adding the swellegant paints and patina on top.

I added several layers of brass or bronze paint from swellegant on the baked polymer clay. I always waited to let it really dry before I added the next one. Just with the last layer I added the three different solutions to let the metall oxidise while the paint was still wet. The solutions overlapped of course but I added them still at different spots. Just tipping generously on the surface. You see how beautiful the patina is blooming?

I also love this look when the patina is dried. The green and the light spots...!

But I wanted to have more layers of colour so I added a lot of different oxide dyes on top. I think I nearly used all the shades of blue and green avaiable from swellegant and also some purple and white. 

Again I added it randomly over the frame. It is hard for me to do this but I know that this creates the effect I am aiming for. 

I already rubbed of some of the patina and you can see the brass beneath ^^ Just because I am working really in a generous way with the paint, acids and dyes!

Afterwards I rubbed on some more of the metall paint on top. Just with a nearly dry brush I took a little bit paint, went over a paper several times and then went over the frames. This allows me to get paint on every small structure without just overpainting it. And yes, for this I am using a brush and not my fingertips (normally I am adding acrylic paint on my polymer clay pieces my hand ;)).

Just a comparison before and after rubbing on new metall paint... also the first layer of the sealant is on top of the right one. That is why it looks a little bit wet.

 And here the overview of the finished frames: two made with brass and two made with bronze.

I think the bronze makes better images... but seeing the frames in reality the brass is more striking and the bronze more subtle. 

The discussion now would be what to put inside... I would be voting for simple black and white or sepia pictures but as all four of them were christmas presents, I don't have a vote ;)

But I so need to make one for me. At least one... but you know how it is with creating something for oneself? Always at the end of the list somehow.

 And sorry... but I just can't delete more images. Believe me, I already deleted a lot from this blog post!

Just look at all the small details...

As you may already have imagined from the repeated and quite similar structures: I made molds from either super sculpey firm polymer clay or from two-part silicone. 

I also know where every piece came from originally: Pieces found on formentera, pieces gifted from friends and their trips abroad (yes, I get shells and glas and wood and strange items as holiday gifts from friends. they know me so well!)

I not only used sea life "structures" like shells but also ornaments and flowerlike structures. 

And now, even if the images are always difficult with the contrast, I also have to show you images of how the reflect in the sunlight! 

Uhm... by the way the pictures were made at the last minutes possible before being wrapped and Rumpel and me heading on our way from Leipzig to Göttingen at the 24th. 

All these shades... love them.

And of course ammonites. Everything needs at least one, nai?!

Here you can see how different the metal and the colours is looking in the sunlight and in the shades. The upper part was bathing in sunlight and the lower was in the shadow.

And you really have this change also on reality! 

PS: Can you find the tentacles? ^^



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