Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

From the growing bead tile one my table.. finally some finished ones!

As finished bead I see a bead that I have maybe carved a little bit (especially the string holes), added and removed several layers of paint and of course sealed with gloss or something similar. Here we go with some of them... a snail/nautilus like bead. Below you see the backside that I also really like.

I am still trying to figure out how to give an idea about the size of the bead. I am not too happy with images of my hand holding the bead but on the plus side: This gives a good impression. But I am stil thinking just about other objects... only not coins, I think this coin comparison images somehow quite... ehm... bah!

This is the third bead I made for the "Winter wonderland" challenge. But here I added some yellow colour to the bead that was not part of the inspiration picture so I didn't use it. Also I already had the two other beads to create the earrings so I used the third one to play a little bit more.

And again an image so you can get an idea about the size :)

I also always like just small beads useable a drops for earrings. The colour I used on the white clay is not black but Payne's grey. It is dark but the contrast is not so hard.

Maybe you can see that it is rather a dark grey with a blue hint. I completely changed from using black to this kind of grey.

A lot of drops. Not even all but it seems that some where lost on my working table... ^^

I know how great you can work with these tiny drops. The only problem is that they make so much work to create them while being just so tiny. Nearly the same amount of work that goes into a bead ten times bigger due to the same work steps necessary.

4 Kommentare:

  1. oh you've been busy again :) Love the one at the top, really cool :) So is the rest!
    Hugs to you :)

  2. I lve the color blue that you use. The gray beads are stunning.

  3. I like the blue drops. I have the same problem when making small things. I make party clutches and small coin purses that take the same amount of time and energy to make, it makes pricing very difficult! I love your winter wonderland bead too.



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