Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

"Deep down" - Polymer clay earrings

One of the essential things I think that makes a difference in creating is whether you really fall in love with your work. Maybe not love, every other strong emotions even down to hate may be fitting, but tht there is a deep emotional connection between your work and yourself. I am writing in this blog quite often that I have new favorites (earrings, beads, you name it!). It sounds maybe a little bit... mh... fast changing and variable but it is the truth. I so love these earrings. I already loved the beads that I made some time ago (with polymer clay and swellegant, have a look here). But the combination with the czech glass beads, the tiny metall elements, all the colours and (even though you can't see it in a static photo) last but not least the movement. They speak to me, they resonate with me deep down :)

Some details because I really love all the surfaces and colours in these earrings. See the patina of the beads? The little flakes and crumbled brass pieces after the oxidation process?

There is a little bit more of a green hint in the beads but I couldn't capture it perfectly... :/

Also have a look at the glass beads. The light blue nearly being clear shining between the subdued ends. Also the little metallic drops add to the movement of the earrings.

Of course I had to try different kind of background for the photos. As much as I love this it is not fitting for such long earrings. But still a neutral as well as interesting background. Maybe for other jewelery in the future :)

I know I already am complaining over and over that my camera is not really working anymore. It was so difficult to get clear photos. *sighs* I still wanted to show you a hanging photo version... well as the backside because I had a hard time to decide which side of the beads I would prefer. I stayed at the original "front" side because there are more layers of patina and structures but I do like that both sides are great to look at.

PS: The czech glass beads I got from "the curious bead shop" :)



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