Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

In the woods - ABS ornament blog hop

At the moment I am sitting in the bus from Leipzig to Berlin. The have free internet access in the bus (how great is this?! using MeinFernbus :)) and I finall have the time to write and edit my blog entry. I already made the beads / pendants I wanted to use for the christmas tree ornaments, I also assembled everything and took pictures... but to finally have a look at the pictures and show them here... I didn't find the time until now. 

No christmas tree, sorry.

Back to the blog hop!

I always adored all the ornaments from the annual ornament blog hop from art bead scene. This year I finally participate! Thanks for letting me play along and special thanks to Heather not only to organize this but even more to send reminder emails (so necessary for me, sorry!).

I really love the bright clear blue combined with the purple. Little beads and swaroswki bicones.

And hanging from our kitchen cupboard so you can see the whole ornament with hanger.

I made the bead out of polymer clay in white (Fimo classic) and used blue and purple acrylic colours (Reeves). I created an mold from an stamp impression I fell n love with. But I wanted raised and not impressed structures. I already took all the pictures for a tutorial. Now I just need to find a little bit of time to select and edit them. So please come back for the tutorial if you are interested. :)

20 Kommentare:

  1. Love your decoration, beautiful colours

  2. Very pretty - so much detail, very lovely indeed.

  3. That's simply gorgeous! I'm really looking forward the tutorial :)

  4. I would love to see the tutorial. The colors are wonderful.

    1. I will try to post it tomorrow. Just trying to get some better pictures with day light (not much here around winter time :/). And thank you :)

  5. Schaut echt klasse aus :)
    Grins, so einen "Weihnachtsbaum" hab ich auch auf dem Fensterbrett stehen *g*

  6. Ich hoffe ich gehe recht in der Annahme, hier deutsch schreiben zu könnnen .... ;0) Bezaubernde Umsetzung dieses Themas! Da muss man erst international gehen, um kreative Nachbarn zu entdecken ;0) Und meine Güte, bist Du aktiv! Respekt!

  7. So pretty- can't wait to see the tutorial. Thank you for sharing! Christie

  8. What a sweet tree ornament- great colors! The owl and deer are a nice little addition.

  9. How beautiful! I love the colors you've chosen - very wintery and modern!

  10. Really pretty I love the blue and white!

  11. The colors are very representative of winter holiday...lovely...

  12. Magical ornament, I love the colours.

  13. Magical ornament, I love the colours.



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