Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Under the sea...

Yes, this is also polymer clay. I made these bead out of polymer clay and then used swellegant brass and different patinas to create this old metal effect. They could have laid deep down under the sea for a long time... For me they look tribal and I definitely keep them!

All the other things I show you were in the birthday present for my sister. I already prepared this blog entry and... ehm... forgot it because I know I could just show it after her birthday and somehow during that time it fell out of my mind. 

She lost her octopus necklace so I found another one for her. She really loved it. This one is smaller, thought, so I added some czech glas beads I got from the curious bead shop. 

All the shades of green and blue, like sea water and foam...

I also added a pendant. Normally just a ready to use leaf but I added swellegant brass and patina to get this gorgeous surface.

And I also got some little tentacled ones, so easy and cute earrings! The next time I will add some patina and beads but to be honest I also loved them simple as this.

For these leaves I used swellegant copper paint and patina. It makes such a differences and I love both effects!

These leaves became also earrings. 

Here just a last image how they look in direct sunlight!

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